Oracle RAT Step by Step

Oracle RAT – Step by Step – Part 1


I am currently working on gig where Oracle RAT will be system stress test tool to simulate production load.  Oracle RAT is multi step process and it consist of following.

Here is breakdown on Oracle RAT from my experience.

  • Identify system workload – Source
  • Baseline backup of Source environment
  • Staging capture directory and making sure there is plenty of space
  • Starting Capture process and monitoring capture/database while it is running
  • Generate and export capture workload
  • Identify target system
  • Moving capture transactions file to target system
  • Processing capture data
  • Re-Map target connections for replay
  • Start Replay and monitor database load – Active Session History and SQL monitoring reports can be used
  • Generate reports and analysis of replay







Author: Abdul H Khan

Trying to be cloudy!

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